Pumpkin Pickin

Sunday blessed us with a fun Papa and T date with animals and witches at a pumpkin farm.

On this beautiful autumn morning, T and I went on a morning drive, 45 minutes out of the city, to Knox Family Farm in Clarington.

Along with Christmas and birthdays, Halloween is one of T’s favourite times of the year.

We make an event out of pumpkin picking, costume selection and of course, the big day itself.

We kept it low profile last fall due to the pandemic. This year, as things open up, we ventured out for our family tradition.

We arrived at 11. The crowd was still bearable. Our first stop was to see the barn animals.

T spotted chickens and turkeys in the field, awed the pigs, goats and lambs, and was intimidated by the tall horses.

Going out with T requires lots of prep talks, transition warnings and proactive redirection.

I used the intrigue of visiting “Witches’ Lair” as an incentive for him to take a pee break.

T is at that fun age where he is into scary stuff. We’re still years away from watching slasher films together and I can’t wait for that age!

For now, a haunted house will do. Our T wasn’t scared but he enjoyed it!

We then walked around the farm grounds.

We were blessed with a beautiful day. Fall colours were near peak and it was soul-soothing to walk side by side with T in silence.

He found fake tombstones along the way. I tried to make a scary deal out of them but he said with bemusement, “They’re not real!”

Next stop: We checked out a corn maze. Naturally, T zipped ahead of me and I lost him for a few minutes – and boy, did I enjoy those few minutes of solitude!

The highlight of our visit was T going on his first pony ride.

At first, he was quite anxious and wavered between wanting to go and not. Eventually, I told him he could pick whichever one he wanted to ride: whether it’s a small pony or an adult horse.

He chose the tiniest pony in the bunch. And it was beyond adorable.

We ended our visit by picking the pumpkin.

I let T pick whichever two pumpkins he wanted and he did a great job.

For having a super morning of following instructions, I let T pick a snack of his choice from the snack tent. As expected, he chose a bag of kettled popcorn.

The hubby had stayed home – and got four hours free to himself (you’re welcome, dear!). T and I came home to a tidy house (thank you, dear!).

So it was a win-win Sunday for all of us!

21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pickin

  1. Halloween is always a lot of fun! This sounds like such a fun outing and glad to hear that it wasn’t too crowded. It’s amazing how many activities some of these farms offer. It’s a good way to keep the kids entertained! The picture of T riding that little pony is absolutely adorable. That reminds me that I should carve some of my pumpkins now that Halloween is almost here.

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    1. Thanks Linda! It’s only a short drive if you and K are looking for a fun outing. There was also a barn with bbq set up but we didn’t stay for that. Halloween is definitely a fun time of the year. Enjoy carving your pumpkins!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds fun. I’m glad places like this have reopened. I should have carved my pumpkin yesterday as it was beautiful in the afternoon. I’m planning on doing it today though as it looks like we’re supposed to get more rain on Friday and Saturday.

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    1. Thanks Diane. We’re pretty lucky that we have great amenities close to home and this farm is a pretty amazing and well run farm too. It had a bbq area too but since T is a very picky eater and was getting restless, I didn’t line up for a hotdog. Next time! 🙂 The clean house was probably my fave part of the day!


  2. How fun, I miss the days of visiting a pumpkin patch. Halloween was my favorite time of the year as well at one point. I can only imagine It’s excitement.
    I’ve dressed as Xena Warrior Princess, Sha na-na from Martin & even Memee from the Drew Carey show 😁

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    1. Thanks Tammy! I can now see why you bought that book about how to kill boyfriends! 😆 I see the connection now! 🤣

      Halloween is such a fun time of the year and those costumes all sound wonderfully epic!


  3. What a great day! So nice that there are so many Pumpkin patches around that have great amusement for kids – it makes for such constructively fun outings at this time of year. And your weather looked great for it.

    I noticed a theme to your post today – silence and quiet. Ahhh, isn’t it wonderful? ❤

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    1. Thanks Wynne! We are very fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of fun and affordable activities to do in our area. We were also blessed with great weather. At the peak of the day, it was t-shirt only too.

      And yes, silence is golden for sure. We get so few of these moments in our day with T so we savor every morcel of them!

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