“Alexa, Pull My Finger!”

Our boy has reached the developmental stage where farts and poop are the best thing ever.

As a parent, you always worry about whether your little one is hitting milestones.

Well, let me tell you, our T is exceeding expectations with the farts and poop phase, even using technology in innovative ways.

Of the millions of dollars spent in research and development of smart devices, I bet the inventors never imagined the sheer joy their creations would bring to kids at bedtime.

On a recent evening, I spent 20 minutes trying to stop T from repeatedly asking the Alexa next to our bed to “pull his finger.”

I never imagined that Alexa even responded to that. But sure enough, the usually classy elderly British lady would just let it rip.

Then she asked, “Would you like me to do that again?”

I screamed, “No, Alexa stop!”

But T’s giddy, loud laughter and screams of, “Yes!” consistently overpowered mine.

And I secretly loved every minute of his laughter and enjoyment.

A few days later, last Friday, on the last day of virtual school before the current Spring break, T’s class was doing a group language activity.

The teacher worked with the class to create a postcard message together, imagining that they were astronaut Chris Hadfield sending a message to his family down on Earth.

“What else can we add to the message?” the teacher asked the class.

I always encourage T to participate more in class, because I know he has something interesting to say when it’s just to the hubby and/or I.

“T, can you put your hand up?” I asked. “What is the astronaut doing in outer space?”

T said to me, “He’s pooping in his pants.”

To which I quickly replied, “Put your hand back down please.”

11 thoughts on ““Alexa, Pull My Finger!”

  1. LOL. I never really understood the fascination with poop and fart jokes. But apparently lots of kids are into it as there are poop related toys and boardgames. Seems like there is no shortage of laughter in your house. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. It’s amazing how kids quickly figure new technology out and to use it for such funny purposes! On the flip side, T has said sweet things like “I love you” to Alexa before too. 😊


  2. Thanks for making me laugh and smile today. Poops and Farts are classic boys favorite humor jokes and conversations. My son is 15 and still enjoys talking about it to both amuse and make his mom and dad laugh. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. It’s Family adventure time. Regards. Stay safe.

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    1. Thank you. It’s good to laugh during these times and I’m thankful my son does thay. I’m glad yours as well.

      Our province just announced this afternoon that outdoor playgrounds are going to be closed again. While churches and retail stores remain open. The lunacy in all of this just does not make any sense.

      Enjoy your adventure time!!! 🙂

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      1. So sorry to hear that. Playgrounds are very important for our kids. Here in the U.S. everything is reopened. The increasing positivity is no longer significant. We are watching however hospitalizations rate because that actually affects all people with all kinds of diseases. Many scheduled surgeries had been cancelled for months because of hospital beds being taken by covid patients, which I think is unfair. Imagine someone in chronic severe back pain everyday and not having the back surgery to for months? Seems inhuman but it’s been happening since March 2020. Clinics are still mostly Tele Health either by phones or videos which can be difficult for some patients. Personally, I like it because I can be in my pajamas and talk to my doctor. I find it convenient and meds are delivered the next day. Hope things gets better soon in your side of the pandemic. There’s always ways we can take our family for adventures and just have a fun, relaxing time. 🙏☀️


  3. Hahaha!! Oh no! Well, it’s a milestone reached that’s for sure! My older two are at the age that enjoys the fact that they ride bus #69 to school. And Bobby more than Catelyn – really enjoys a good “That’s what she said” joke. We have to just keep reminding ourselves that this is the road to maturity which they will hopefully reach sooner than later. 🙂

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