Rainy Saturdays

A rainy day is nature’s way of telling family to slow down and savour each other’s company.

We’re lucky T usually doesn’t wake up till 8:30 on weekends. But today, he got up before sunrise.

He came into our room with cheerful pep.

“Oh my God, it’s so early. Go back to bed!” I said, not even trying to mask my horror.

“But I’m hungry!” he said.

I sighed. Why did he have to play the “you need to feed me” card?!

The sky was dark. I dropped bread into the toaster and started the kettle for my coffee. It was a double dose of coffee this morning.

T watched Mario and Luigi videos on his tablet while I sipped my coffee, looking out at the rain.

After breakfast, T asked me to play. His favourite game right now is to pretend he’s Mario and I’m Luigi – and to play Floor is Lava in our family room.

He picked up the sofa cushions and threw them randomly on our lava orange 70s carpet.

There really wasn’t much point to this game but T finds great enjoyment in it. He laughed a lot as we circled the family room again and again, stepping on cushions to avoid the lava.

Afterwards, I made popcorn and we enjoyed a movie together, Cars 2.

I admit my favourite parts were whenever an exciting or funny scene came on and T turned to look at my reaction. I pulled him close to me every time and kissed him on his head.

Afterwards, he asked me to play the tickle monster, which consists of me chasing him around the house to tickle him.

The rain eventually stopped and the sun came out. It was a beautiful sunshine.

The temperature rose to 7 degrees which meant the slushy snow started to melt.

T loves stomping on puddles so I asked him if he wanted to go out. There was no resistance.

Splash pants and rubber boots on, we went out.

There were giant puddles everywhere. In one area of the park where two hills sloped down towards each other, a small creek formed.

T stomped and stomped and walked through the puddles with such contentment.

He asked me to join him but I didn’t have proper boots so I watched from a close distance with a feeling of gratitude.

When T was a toddler, I used to dread rainy days, because they meant we could not go out to play.

As he got older, they were a good reminder to slow down. Not every day has to be packed.

Sometimes, the small simple pleasures of a lazy Saturday with our sweet little boy often provide the big moments of our day.

15 thoughts on “Rainy Saturdays

  1. What a perfect rainy day together. You son has so many wonderful moment to moment experiences. Beautiful memories in the making. (One day you will get some rest~ well sort of, It changes, for certain). 💗 I always look forward to reading your T adventures. 💗

    1. Thank you, LaDonna. While it’s certainly not sunshine every day, we try to create as many wonderful experiences for him to fill his memories and heart with. 🙂

      And it’s very nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to your updates too!

  2. Beautiful, magical, a piece of bliss brought by innocence and the simplest joys of life. Thank you. It’s like a scene from my childhood after the rain. I actually used to play under the rain with siblings & cousins growing up followed a a home cook warm soup. Best years. Stay safe & regards to your family.

    1. Thank you! It’s funny you noted your childhood memory. My family lived in Binondo, Manila. Working class family but we had everything we needed and we’re comfortable. I remember when I last visited in 2010, we were driving out of the city and it was pouring rain. We passed by one of the slum areas and all the kids were out dancing, splashing and laughing out loud in the pouring rain. That moment really touched me and made me realize the simple pleasures are the ones that often have the most worth.

      1. So true. Happiness is not about having more but celebrating with gratitude what we already have. Happiness is very different living in a poor country, it’s easier, simpler, creative, but I think it’s also about people. Growing up despite of poverty and challenges, I never heard the word stress & people don’t complain everyday for petty difficulties. In America, stress is a normal everyday word, people always complain, many feel very entitled and want everything instant, anxiety and depression is very high….all these and U.S. pride itself of being a rich , powerful country in the world. Many Americans don’t realize how lucky they are of what they really have compared to the rest of the world such as having covid vaccines and financial relief…and yes, we still complain it’s not enough and people refusing to cooperate in ending the pandemic. Oh, well, no country is perfect😇🙏

      2. For sure, that is a healthy perspective to have. I think when we practice a little gratitude for what we have, we will realize just how rich we have it!

        Enjoy your Sunday!!!

    1. Thanks Diane! I’ve learned to appreciate the rainy days now too. And yes, it is very exhausting when it’s the double whammy of him wake up early and a rainy day. 🤣 At least it’s Sunny all weekend this week!

  3. It’s funny to hear that some of the games we played as kids, like Floor Lava, are still popular. I’m impressed that you went outside for a walk after all the rain we got on Saturday. We initially planned to go for a hike, but figured the trails would be wet, icy, and muddy. There is something so satisfying about putting on rain boots and splish splashing through all the puddles.

    1. We did get a lot of rain! 🤣 Spring feels like it’s on its way. I made a note to invest in rain boots so I can join T to stomp on the ice. It seemed very satisfying indeed! Enjoy your upcoming week. Supposed to sunny all week!

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