Taking Our 5 Year Old for a COVID Test

We had quite the unexpected start to our week when T was sent home midday Monday from school.

He was sneezing and had a runny nose. He also told his teacher he had a fever. He didn’t and doesn’t have a fever – it’s his default word for everything – but because of his cold symptoms, they asked us to pick him up.

Not only that, but we also had to keep T home until he completed a COVID test and we confirmed a negative result.

So the hubby and I rearranged our work day and the entire family went for the COVID test.

The lineup at the hospital was long when we arrived late afternoon.

There are two lines: a screening line where they take your personal information and a test line where you get the QTip up your nose.

Thankfully, we got to cut to the front of the screening line because of T.

The line to wait for the nose swab took an hour. T was glued to the hubby’s phone. We had to change his mask because of how snotty it was.

I was optimistic T was going to be fine given he was in great spirit and didn’t have a fever.

When it was finally our turn, I joked to myself about telling the staff to shove that QTip up T’s nose to teach him a lesson about so carelessly using the word fever. But I was nice.

I was up first. It was quite quick, lasted five seconds. It wasn’t painful but it was certainly uncomfortable. It felt like someone jabbed a metal wire up my nose.

My eyes watered up and although I was not in pain, I had tears streaming down my face.

I tried to tell T that it was not painful at all but I was not very convincing so I left and waited outside. A minute later, I saw T walking out with tears streaming down his eyes.

I bet he learned an important lesson to never use the F word (fever) so casually again!

And so, it was a return to homeschooling – while working – again this week.

The hubby and I were so not mentally prepared for it, so this week felt like a chaotic mess.

Thankfully, we had resources and ideas leftover from our homeschooling journey in the Spring, including those from his teachers last year, that I drew from.

We did some math activities.

And a scavenger hunt, using a card game called Ukloo, gifted from a wonderful teacher friend, that helped us practice reading and recognizing sight words.

As well as outdoor time (in the backyard only), letter tracing, roleplay games, and bedtime reading.

T’s amazing child and youth worker also reached out to us and she did 30-minute virtual lessons with T on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thanks to her, we discovered that T is now drawing pictures in class. He drew a wonderful picture of a dinosaur.

And our two cats Kyrie and Lanaya.

I felt the return of being so scattered with juggling work and T – and I didn’t do a good job of managing my stress level at all this week – and the parental guilt of feeling like we were not doing enough for T.

It certainly made it clear to me that the hubby and I are screwed again if we were to have a second lockdown this fall.

I just had to keep reminding myself of two things: 1) missing a week of school in the grand scheme is not the end of the world, 2) it’s important to respect and appreciate the protocols that schools have in place to keep everyone safe.

T had quite a few hard moments to deal with this week. When routines go out the window, he gets easily emotionally disregulated. In fairness, who could blame him for not wanting to be home and wanting to be in school. But it was also quite awesome to see the growth in him between now compared to just a few months ago.

So there’s always a silver lining!

Oh and in case you were wondering, the results were negative!

I’ve never hit the refresh button on a web page as much as I have this past week. T was driving me nuts at home, to be completely frank!

We received them this morning.

I must’ve woken up the entire neighbourhood when I screamed “Negative!” at the top of my lungs.

It was not a surprise as it’s exactly what we expected. He was fine all week. But nonetheless, it was a big relief and we felt grateful to have it confirmed.

We told the teachers and his daycare we were going to keep T home for today – and possibly on Friday – until his cold symptoms go away.

The last thing we want is to get the other kids in his class sick and then the school has to shut down.

Cuz if that happens, Lord help us all, I may jam that QTip up into my brain myself.

20 thoughts on “Taking Our 5 Year Old for a COVID Test

  1. I am very happy to hear the results were negative! Kids are not at a high risk with the virus, but I mean, it’s still a flu, and it still sucks to get sick. Glad to know you are all okay 🙂 Take care!

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    1. Thank you! We were optimistic he would be fine but nonetheless relieved to have the confirmation. A lot of friends and colleagues had similar experiences this week. This is gonna be a long autumn and winter. Spring and summer can’t come soon enough. Take care too!

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  2. A colleague of mine went to get tested with her family last week because one of her kids had a runny nose and they waited in line for 7 hours. Glad you were able to jump to the front of the line to get tested, but sounds like you still had to wait awhile for the nose swab. I haven’t been tested (thankfully haven’t had any symptoms), but it doesn’t sound fun. And yes, this should certainly teach T not to use the F word so casually! Happy to hear the results were all negative! Fingers crossed there isn’t a second lockdown. Take care.

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    1. Thank you Allan! We live in Scarborough so are lucky to not be downtown where there are more people and higher risks. It is definitely heating up and getting a bit scary now in Toronto. We’ve cancelled all our plans with non household people. I’m not sure if we’re gonna do our hike next f weekend now. Sigh. It’s gonna be a long Fall and Winter. I’m glad we have the summer roadtrip memories to hang onto! Hope you are taking care too.


      1. Things are looking a bit scary in Ontario. I wonder if we’ll revert back to stage 2 (or 1!) of reopening. I’m so glad we tried to use as much of our vacation in the summer as we could. We were planning on taking a road trip to Quebec later this fall, but that’s not looking realistic at this point. Fingers crossed that provincial parks and conservation areas don’t close again.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I would not be surprised if things go back to Stage 2 except schools. I’m hoping we can squeeze in one more hike next weekend. We shall see. Take care!


      3. We were supposed to get together with the family for Thanksgiving, but that might not happen anymore due to the surge in cases. I guess this means we’ll have more time to go hiking. And looks like the weather is supposed to be pretty nice. Hopefully you’ll be able to get another hike in. Take care.

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      4. Sorry about your family plans. We’re ok similar boat. We’re eyeing Presquile and/or Ferris for the weekend. Glad to have another blast of good weather! Have a good week.


      5. I bet both parks are nice this time of year with the fall colours. We were thinking of going to Bon Echo. We planned to go back in September, but ended up cancelling because of the weather. Enjoy the rest of your week as well. Take care.

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    1. So nice to hear from you, Andi! What a crazy world we live in now. How are your kids doing in school? Have there been any issues? Things are starting to restrict themselves again over here. We’re all dreading another lockdown.

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  3. What an awful unexpected experience. I am just glad you are all clear! My grandson started first grade 3 weeks ago and on Friday of the first week we found out his teacher was exposed to someone that had Covid! She was put on quarantine and this coming Monday will be coming back. I am so sick of this virus! Keep staying safe and yes, I bet we will be home schooling again in the fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Diane. It is very strange times indeed but the experience wasn’t so bad. Just thankful we are safe. I hope your grandson is ok! I do agree with you there is a chance there’ll be another lockdown this fall. Let’s hope not. Stay safe and take care!

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    1. Thanks Robyn. 🙂 I totally understand where the schools are coming from and agree with the protocols. But jeez, this means T may be sent home like every two weeks cuz that’s how often he gets a cold in the fall and winter season. What a strange world we live in these days!

      And he’s been fine since Monday. He was trying to sneak a bag of marshmallows away while we were getting ready to leave for the hospital. 😂

      I hope you are all hanging there on your end! It’s gonna be a long fall and winter. 😭

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