Visiting Our Old Home and Playground

You can go home again and we did. This past Sunday, we took a late afternoon drive to our old neighbourhood.

T had been feeling nostalgic and wanted to see the old playground and we spent close to two hours playing there in the late afternoon.

The hubby and I lived in this previous home – a tiny townhome – for 13 years, 3 of which were with T.

It brought back so many happy memories walking around the old complex, park and playground.

I remembered my 30-week parental leave in 2016 where I’d take T to the park 2 to 3 times a day.

I remembered his awkward steps while he was still mastering how to walk. I remembered feeling nervous when he’d climb the stairs up to the slide. Now, it feels like he’s quickly outgrowing this playground.

T going down a slide for the very first time!

It was nice being in a busy park, while observing physical distancing, as our current park is often a ghosttown.

Our visit reinforced how thankful we are for having moved to our larger home. I don’t know how we would’ve survived lockdown in our tiny old home with neighbours below us. We would’ve driven them and ourselves insane!

It makes me happy when T remembers and asks about things that happened “when I was a baby.” My earliest memories of my childhood were when I was 3, so it’s awesome T remembers bits and pieces from earlier in his life.

Oh and we also ran into T’s old classmate Anna!

The two of them got along so well and always played so nicely when we’d see her in the park.

I didn’t even recognize her, as she has grown in over a year and her hair grew so long. Her dad recognized T and us.

Sadly, the two didn’t play together this time. When we encouraged him to play with her, T said “I’m feeling very shy!”

So they just played within distance of each other instead.

When her dad told her they had to go home, she turned to look at T, as if waiting for him to say bye. And he did say bye. And that made me smile.

T playing, kinda not really, with Anna (face covered).

7 thoughts on “Visiting Our Old Home and Playground

  1. Oh, how sweet! That must have brought back such fun nostalgia. Whenever I dry past our old hometown I always make a special stop, or drive by our old house. Brings back such fun memories. The people that lived in our current house have actually been back twice (they developed a close friendship with our next-door neighbors). When they visit they always ask to come inside and reminisce. We are happy to oblige. They birthed, raised, and sent two kids to college from this house. I can imagine the memories they have when they come inside. I might come back one day too, just to do the same!

    1. Thanks Robyn. I think T is getting some of my sentimentality. :). But yes, it was nice to have that moment of nostalgia!

      It is so nice that you are able to visit your old home and to also maintain a connection with the owners of your previous home. I call that very positive energy! 🙂

      While our home have been around since the late 50s, we’re only the second owners. The children who used to live here are now in their late 50s and it was nice to see them recently when they came to pick up mail for their parents.

      Who knows what the future holds but always nice to maintain a connection with the past.

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