The Story We Tell Our Son About His Adoption

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

February marks the 3rd anniversary that our adoption was finalized and when our sweet little boy turns 5. Where did the time go?!

There was a time when T enjoyed hearing stories after our bedtime books. I’d tell the same three stories in the same order: Snow White, Three Little Pigs and the T story.

The T story, whether he realizes it or not, is a simplified story about his adoption.

It goes something like this:

“Once upon a time, there was a little baby named T. He had blond hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile and laugh that made everyone happy.

Elsewhere in the same city, Papa and Daddy had no children. One magical day, T came into their lives. It was the happiest day of their life.

Every day, they played together, sang songs and danced, went to the playground and park, and ate snacks. They loved to go swimming, camping, flying on an airplane to the beach. And in winter, they went sledding and visited Santa.

Papa and Daddy loved T very much and T loved them too. Papa, Daddy and T were a family and now that they found each other, their lives are complete.”

I have zero doubt in my heart that T thinks of us as his family. Thanks to a great start with a fantastic foster family, we never experienced some of the trauma or attachment issues that adopted children often experience.

I often wonder when he’ll ask or wonder about his birth family. We are ready to share that story honestly with him when he’s ready and in an age appropriate way.

The great thing about kids and their innocence is that they just don’t care and love and accept others as they are.

I remember when both my hubby and I picked him up together from daycare a year ago. One of the kids looked at the hubby and then at me and said, “Another daddy? Two daddies?!” And T said loudly and proudly, “Yah!”

A few years ago, when T first came into our lives, a colleague told me to enjoy it, because it just flies. And it’s so true!

T is the best thing that’s ever happened to my hubby and I. We may have some challenging days and moments, but the joy, love, fun, rewards and gratitude in our hearts far outweigh the hardships.

Happy birthday and adoption anniversary to our lovable little pest!

9 thoughts on “The Story We Tell Our Son About His Adoption

    1. How nice that you found this blog, Joyce. 🙂 It was also nice that we ran into each other again after all these years at the gymnastics school, of all places! We stopped the classes because it’s not something T could do on his own, although he loved it and was so good at it (with some one on one support from us). We may try it again one day!

      Please take care!

  1. Happy 5th Birthday to you T!! Time sure flies! I’m moved by the 3rd beautiful story you tell him nightly!
    How lucky you 3 have found each other! ❤️

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