Family Traditions

Time spent and memories made with our loved ones are what really count in the end.

When my sister learned her chemotherapy was not working, it was sad watching her come to terms with her time left.

She said the saddest thing was not getting to spend more time with family and friends.

Shortly after her funeral, COVID hit our family – the hubby got the brunt of it – and I felt a tad stressed.

T’s teacher sent an assignment home on the weekend – asking us to work with him to complete a worksheet about family traditions ahead of the class talking about them the coming week.

While I didn’t need one more thing to do, I loved her accommodating approach for T.

I first explained what family traditions are then asked T to write one word and draw one photo to represent one of our traditions in each of the six boxes on the worksheet.

I let T take the lead and it was touching to see the six traditions he chose: Christmas, Easter, pizza, camping, beach and “happy birthday.”

Family traditions are important to me, because these moments create lasting bonds and memories.

They could be big events like a family vacation and more often than not, they are the simpler pleasures – like a walk or hike together, summer swimming or Friday night takeout.

Traditions represent routines and structure and predictability are so important for kids with FASD.

Traditions give us something to look forward to. Knowing milestones that lie ahead in 2023 is helping me get through the challenging past while.

Working on the traditions assignment with T helped me get through hard days in January. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane and it was touching these traditions mean something to him.


Our first Christmas together when T was 1. Look at him go with opening presents at his grandparents.

T’s favourite holiday and the one he looks most forward to is Christmas. He can roleplay Christmas and Santa any month of the year!


Not a pizza, but the spaghetti at Normandin in Quebec is always a detour during our annual drive to visit T’s grandparents in New Brunswick. T loves it.

T is a very picky eater so when he finds something with protein (meat) on it, we celebrate. We have at least one pizza night a week.


This was a memorable trip to a beach in Turks and Caicos. T had just turned 3 and he had a look of wonder as he stared at the approaching waves.

We are fortunate to be able to go on family vacations and we try to do something, nearby or further, once a year. As T is younger, we do family friendly beach vacations. As he gets older, we hope to explore other parts of the world together.


Walking through the campsite at Algonquin at age 2.

One of the best things about parenting is introducing your traditions to your children so it becomes their tradition – like camping. T went on his first camping trip at 18 months with us and it’s now a summer tradition.


Dyeing eggs during the first pandemic Spring in 2020.

I was shocked that Halloween didn’t end up on T’s traditions worksheet, but I was amused he chose Easter. Come to think of it, he always enjoys the egg hunts each year.

Happy Birthday

Celebrating T’s second birthday, our first birthday with him, at Ma’s.

Birthdays are up there with Christmas as something T looks forward to every year. This year, T wanted to invite classmates to our house and we’re not comfortable yet to do a party. But we told him we will try for his 9th birthday next year – as a new tradition to look forward to!

A few days into the following school week, we got a lovely text from his CYW.

She told us that T did a great job presenting his worksheet to the class – and that he spoke clearly and confidently.

We know public speaking is something T doesn’t normally enjoy, so we took this as a win and were so proud of him.

To celebrate, we ordered pizza for dinner.

31 thoughts on “Family Traditions

  1. OMG T did a nice presentation, that is awesome!!!!!!! He seems to be getting so confident. But then again, he has the best Dad’s making all the traditions and fun. He deserved pizza night!

    1. Thank you, Diane! He’s been making good strides this past while thanks to a consistent CYW working with him. We are so thankful for her and are so proud of all of his gains.

  2. So magnificently beautiful. U are both amazing and T is very very lucky to have you. Go to Puerto Rico. I am in Ceiba now with my 2 and 6 year olds and they love love love it! My first vacation like ever. You will all love it. I look forward to learning more about all of you! Light & love, friends!

    1. Thank you Samantha. Puerto Rico sounds amazing. Have a wonderful vacation. 😊 And thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. I’m happy to see how much T cherishes all these family traditions. It’s funny how pizza came on top of the pie chart. 😆 But thinking of it, I realized my childhood memories do include a lot of food! That noodle dish with what I assume are quail eggs at T’s second birthday party looks very similar with what a Chinese restaurant chain here in Indonesia calls mie ulang tahun, literally “birthday noodles”, which I like.

    1. Thank you Bama! Food is definitely a part of memories for me too. I do miss and crave a lot of the dishes I grew up yet.

      And yes, you noticed the quail eggs correctly. My mom made the yummy food and as you know, in Asian culture, noodles are a staple in birthday meals to help provide wishes for long life. 😊🙏

      1. Ahh no wonder it looks homemade! The funny thing is, in my family noodles were usually eaten on NYE dinner. But now I just eat whatever I have. 😄

    1. Thank you! I sure hope so. Humour is also a great resiliency tool. But yes, it’s about getting him out of his shell and feeling confident.

      Hope you’re keeping warm down there. It’s -30 over here in your old country. 😆

  4. T does make a good Father Christmas/Santa/Père Noel.

    I like the idea of looking forward when it comes to birthdays.

    And camping and beaching are great traditions too – and wonderful memories.

    [those you can add on for the future too].

    I wondered if you thought of a camp party or a beach party?

    1. Thank you Adelaide. Yes, he loves role playing Santa. It never gets tiring anytime of the year. 😊

      We’re very fortunate to live in a 4-season climate so we can enjoy all adventures like beaches and camping.

      I’ve never considered a camp or beach party but will definitely keep it in mind!

      Have a nice weekend!

  5. It sounds like T nailed the take home assignment of family traditions! I gotta say, many of the family traditions T picked align with my own. I also love how you went through your pictures to find ones that matched up with each of T’s traditions he selected. How fitting to order pizza to celebrate!! Happy Friday! Stay warm out there.

    1. Thanks Linda. I’m not surprised you and T have similar things you enjoy. He’s definitely an outdoorsman and a Traveller. I hope it stays this way into his adulthood.

      Happy Friday and stay warm!

      1. And he clearly loves spending time with his family!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m so glad things have warmed up outside, even if it’s become a bit of a slushy mess outside.

    1. Thank you! It was a nice blend indeed. 🙂 Looking forward to some outdoors now especially during this wicked wind chill. Hope you’re keeping warm!

    1. Thanks Vickie. We are definitely keeping these worksheets away for future enjoyment. 😊 Hope you’re all staying warm.

  6. What beautiful family traditions and memories!!! You guys … you guys have done and are doing such a wonderful job at parenting! It isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, but you have the added challenge of T’s FASD, but … the three of you are such a beautiful family! T is one lucky young man!!!

      1. ‘Tis the same with my girls and I … we are all lucky to have each other! I feel sorry for people who don’t have that sort of a family.

  7. A pizza of traditions that includes pizza – how great is that?! Love your traditions – all of them! But the camping and beach pictures are so cute! So glad we’ve made it to February – may it be an easier month for you all than January!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks Wynne. I didn’t even notice the pizza of traditions but now that you mention it, it’s so fitting! 😊 Yay for making it to February. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. This is beautiful & I too cherish traditions.
    I’m also glad you listed each one because I was very curious as to how “pizza” was one of them.
    Great share Ab, I’m happy the trip down memory lane helped you get through my friend!

    1. Thank you, Tammy! He loves his pizzas. 😊 Traditions and memories do provide the best pick-me-ups. Hope you’re doing ok too! 🙏🍕

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