The Wedding

We took our 7-year-old to his first wedding this past weekend.

Well, at least the first wedding he’ll remember. He attended his first and only wedding in 2016, a friend’s destination wedding, when he was 1.

As with all social events, we had some initial apprehension of how T will be.

But we believe it’s good to let T experience these life moments as they help him build his social skills and broaden his awareness of the world.

We briefed him about what to expect and we’ve also read books in the past about weddings, such as the fabulous Worm Loves Worm, a book that spoke about marriage of all forms.

It was a beautiful wedding held at the charming Old Mill Inn and it brought back fun memories.

The hubby and I attended our first wedding as a couple there back in 2004 and we’ve attended two other weddings there since.

We had planned to sit at the back, in case we needed to duck out to give T a break, but we spotted friends in the third row, so T got a great view of the ceremony.

He sat so well through the sweet ceremony. But T being T, muttered out loud when a baby started crying, “Oh my God, that baby is so annoying.”

I had to bite my tongue from laughing.

A lunch reception followed and we sat with our friends and their two daughters.

I loved how our hosts thought about each child by preparing a loot bag of things to help entertain them – such as fidget poppers and games.

The key to social outings with kids like T is to prep him ahead of time of what to expect, to not sweat the small stuff, and to not force him to do anything he doesn’t want, like taking photos.

He gets very cranky when we ask him to take photos when he’s not in the mood.

But it was wonderful when my friend’s daughters invited him to take photos together at the photo booth, which had many fun props.

I cherish these photos as his smile, as with any photo he decides to take, is pure and genuine.

The sweetness of the event was a welcomed contrast to the last few weeks of the new year – and to get dressed up and to celebrate a happy joyous occasion was a blessing.

16 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. “Oh my God, that baby is so annoying.” If I sat next to T, I think I would have whispered to him, “I know, right!” 😆 It’s nice to know that things went really well and T enjoyed the event, with the photo session and other stuff. This really is a nice way to start this year, Ab.

    1. Thanks Bama. This kid really does say what we all think some times. 😆 It was a nice change of pace for sure.

      Hope things are good over in your part of the world too! You’re 13 hours closer to the weekend than I am. 😆

    1. Thanks Diane! And yes, we can count on T to express the things we often think but have the inhibition to keep in our thoughts. 😆

  2. The Old Mill Inn is such a charming place for a wedding venue. We’ve gone to brunch here a few times. Glad to hear that T was well behaved during the ceremony and even provided a bit of humour (that’s too funny about him complaining about the crying baby). And those photo booths are such a great idea! Sounds like it was a successful social outing!

    1. Thanks Linda. It really is a charming venue and I could see how brunch would be great there.

      Hope you enjoyed the snow yesterday. The commute home was not as nightmarish as I thought but slower nonetheless!

      1. Glad to hear that you made it home safely. We got a pretty decent dumping of snow. The worst was that it was wet and heavy. My back is a bit sore from all that shovelling. I still need to go back out and do another round. It does look really beautiful though.

      2. Seeing the return of the sun today bouncing off the white snow makes the snow almost worth it. Hope your back gets better!

  3. I am so happy you guys got to celebrate a happy occasion! You all have been through so much, what a nice way to celebrate a weekend and each other! See you tomorrow!! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see you all!!!

    1. Thank you Rebecca. A happy occasion was a wonderful moment to celebrate after everything that came before it. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you today. I’ll be dialing in from my office but T will be in school so you won’t see him. Depending on how the hubby’s work day is, he may dial in too. But I’ll be there for sure! See you in a few hours.

  4. Oh, how sweet! I love your approach – it’s such a great mix of preparation and fun with what happens! Yay, yay, yay for a fun occasion!! <3 <3 <3

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