After tidying up the kitchen, I had an out-of-body experience.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was clearing the dishes and emptying the garbage bins, T tidied up the entire living room.

The tornado debris of his Hot Wheels and blocks were all cleared into bins. I had almost forgotten we had brown carpet underneath.

When he started to vacuum, first time ever, I thought, yup I was unconscious somewhere and this is the afterlife tempting me to step towards the white light.

The next morning on Sunday, after breakfast, T looked out at the fall leaves in our backyard and declared that we should rake them up.

It confirmed to me that I had landed not at the penthouse in the afterlife but in the basement.

Yard work is the hubby’s responsibility, he was still in bed, but I couldn’t turn down an offer from T to help with housework.

T did a great job. He was focused for 15 minutes, helping make big piles. Then he decided to run around the backyard. He circled back in the last 15 minutes to help me scoop leaves into bags.

I was thankful for this hour spent together in the brisk autumn air and disconnected outdoors.

It’s been three weeks since we’ve changed T’s medication.

While we’re having some challenges with daycare in the afternoon and meltdowns in the evenings, he seems more consistently focused and regulated during the day.

I’ve written in the past how it’s important for me to help T build a work ethic; to cultivate a work hard and work first before play hard attitude.

T likes to feel useful. It’s a matter of helping channel his endless energy in purposeful activities that motivate him.

He is motivated when he knows there’s play after the learning and work.

To reward him for having a super weekend, T went on an afternoon movie date with the hubby to watch “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”

My reward was three hours of child-free time and I met up with friends inside the same mall as the movie theatre.

It was my first time seeing this wonderful group of friends since the pandemic started.

Laughing, catching up and having grown up conversation with childhood friends. It felt like heaven.

21 thoughts on “Afterlife

  1. T did amazing. His focus and enthusiasm to clean the living room and backyard, is an inspiration. Love the reward, Ghostbusters Afterlife movie Family Time, then reconnecting with friends. Congratulations to you and your Hubby for being the best Awesome Parents. Your Journey and that of your Family is truly a light and motivation to me and to your readers. Life can get hard, challenges can be insanely to the roof sometimes, but with love, patient and understanding, no mountain too high nor heavy. Happy Holidays my Friend, it’s officially Christmas Season and time for all Merry and Bright. I’m Going on Post Thanksgiving window shopping after this, nothing much in mind, but more for family bonding. Son, wants to check GameStop. Happy Friday. 🙏☀️

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This blog and the people I’ve met through it – and you were one of the earliest ones – has been a great source of comfort and connection for me through this interesting journey of life/parenting. 😊 So thank you for being a part of it – the good, the hard and the mundane! 😆

      Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family too! We celebrated it in early October and I often like the way the US observes it so closely to Christmas. Must make it all the more exciting.

      Enjoy your window shopping and the family time together as well. Christmas will be here before we know it! 🙏❄️☃️

      1. Thanks Ab. Same here. They say, it’s not about the number of friends we have but the quality of friends who relates to our realness, life and truths that we should cherish and keep in this lifetime. My blogging Journey has been very positive and inspiring because of Blogger Friends like you. Just want to thank you for being a wonderful and generous Person. 🙏

  2. That’s awesome to hear that T is taking initiative and has been helping out around the house without being asked. We recently bought a leaf blower and it has been a total game changer when it comes to dealing with all the leaves. Sounds like all three of you had a nice reward afterwards for all T’s hard work!

    1. T would love to get his hands on a leaf blower! 😆 We still have about a weekend left of raking then we’re done for the season. Trees are almost all fallen. This year just flew by!

    1. Thank you, LaDonna. Things seem to be better now on weekends but the issues continue to escalate at school and daycare in the afternoons. Another challenging day at daycare. Sigh. Why can’t it just always be ok? 😆 Maybe I should send him to school and daycare with a vacuum cleaner or a rake.

      1. I’m sorry Ab. It sounds like there are lots of challenging moments with T. I always see in your posts the dedication and love you hold for him. You seem to celebrate his successes and keep yourself grounded with humor and hope through the trying times. I think that is what makes you such a good parent and presence in T’s life💗

  3. I love how you weave the theme of heaven on earth all through this post. And I’m really glad you are still with us. How cool that T vacuumed and cleaned – I’m so impressed!

    I’m convinced that parenting, at least at this stage is some sort of training to really enjoy the moments that go well, even if we can’t yet string a whole blissful day yet. Sounds like have learned that well!

    1. Ba ha ha, thanks Wynne. The theme was more tongue in cheek, I couldn’t believe what an angel he was this weekend so accounted it for other-worldly interventions. 😆

      That is a wonderful way to look at it. We’re not quite stringing these completely blissful days but the elements are all there. 😊

    1. Thank you, Diane. It’s nice to catch up with people. You almost forget how enjoyable these simple pleasures in life are!

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