Resting Like Royalty

As Canada celebrates Victoria Day long weekend, the two queens in T’s life are focused on recharging.

The hubby worked on the garden today. I didn’t even pretend to help. I love gardens, especially ones I don’t have to tend to!

Instead, T and I went for a nice long hike at Rouge Park, an urban oasis a short drive from home that has been a refuge during the pandemic.

It was sunny, cool and breezy – the perfect weather for a nature walk.

I’m always thankful for what a trooper T is. No hill is too long or steep for him to walk and no woods too dark. He’s in his element in nature.

We ended our visit by the creek. Other kids were dipping their feet in and I wished I had packed his water shoes. The cold water looked so inviting. Next time!

We ended the day with baked lobster tail for dinner. They were on sale in the frozen aisles for half off. So I decided to treat ourselves.

The last few weeks have been very tiring and hard. I can’t explain how exhausted I am without sounding like I’m whining.

With at least five more marathon weeks to go, we’re happy to get an extra day to recharge.

Wishing everyone a nice restful weekend!

16 thoughts on “Resting Like Royalty

  1. Yes, Royalty Day of Adventure and Family Time indeed. Love the food and Nature creek experience. Just had a long Memorial Day weekend. It was nice but traffic was crazy. Twice the people from last year and indoor restaurants does not require mask anymore. Strawberry picking even does not require them as well. I hope herd immunity happens other wise U.S. will have outbreaks again in certain cities and or States. It does feel good to feel normal again however, and more free to go outdoors safely. Have a wonderful week. Weekend almost here again.

    1. Your recent excursion to 4 Mile Beach looked amazing. Glad to hear you’re taking time for yourself.

      Yes, I hope the combo of vaccines and herd immunity does happen and makes an impact. I cannot stomach a fourth wave. I just want as normal of a summer as possible.

      Hang in there! 😊

      1. Thanks. Want so much for back to normal. So relieved work actually is almost back to seeing all patients in person. Human connection is important and fear of getting sick should be gone by now. Yes, Summer definitely will be better than last year. We can waste time and life because of covid. Everyday is precious. Happy weekend.

  2. What a beautiful park and that hill would be an amazing sledding hill in the winter! Those lobster tails, YUM!!!! I hope you had some well needed relaxation.

    1. Thanks Diane! It was a relaxing weekend and I only wish it was longer. 🙂 The hubby planted among other things more rhubarb so in addition to the one we inherited from previous owners, we’ve got more rhubarb now. So it means more pie to bake!

    1. Thank you, L! Rouge Park was packed. The lot was full but thankfully a car was leaving just as we arrived. When we left, the lot was closed and a staff member blocked off part of the entrance. Everyone is craving outdoor time it seems.

      Hoping to do a daytrip to Darlington this weekend. It looks like the weather is getting chillier again!

      Hope yours was a good one.

      1. The nice weather tends to bring out the crowds. That and the easing of restrictions. Glad you managed to snag a parking spot before the entrance was blocked off. I enjoyed the nice weather a bit too much this weekend and am now sporting a big sunburn on my face. Despite bringing sunscreen with me, I forgot to put it on. I won’t be making that mistake again! Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully you’re able to visit Darlington this weekend. It’s a nice area to spend the day.

      2. Yah, definitely gotta do the sunscreen now. 😊 I imagine you’re out in the sun a lot! Hope you’re not too burnt. 🤣

        Hoping the Ford announcement means you can camp this summer!

      3. During a couple of Teams meetings today I lied and said my camera wasn’t working! I was too embarrassed to show off my red face. And yes, I’m so happy to hear that camping will be included during the first stage of reopening. Woohoo!

      4. That is too funny but I can understand why it felt embarrassing. 🙂 Hopefully you have a nice tan in a few days time. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Robyn. The long weekends always fly by so quickly. Hope you enjoy your upcoming one this week!

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