The Renewal of Spring

An Easter egg hunt, yard work and COVID vaccine made for a rejuvenating family long weekend.

It was a Good Friday after I took Ma for her first vaccine. I felt thankful for how organized the site was; we were in and out in 30 minutes.

Our province is facing an intense third wave, so knowing Ma and many others are vaccinated makes me feel more hopeful.

On Sunday, T woke up early knowing the Easter Bunny had visited. He wasted no time finding the eggs and the basket of goodies left for him.

He then made me hide the eggs again – and in their original hiding spots, he insisted – so he could find them again.

Easter is a symbol for resurrection – and Spring is a season when the decay of autumn and the death of winter give way for renewal.

Spring was very evident as our family spent a satisfying Sunday afternoon doing yard work.

While the hubby took T to the playground, I raked up the dried leaves that coated the perimeter of our backyard.

I made three huge piles, which T took no time to jump into after they came back from the park.

The magical glow of the late afternoon sun bathed our backyard as the hubby, T and I worked together to bag away the leaves.

T alternated between playing in the pile of leaves and helping the hubby and I.

I watched with amusement and pride as he raked up the piles of leaves and gathered giant piles of leaves and dropped them into the bag.

It is my hope T develops a strong work ethic as he gets older and we try to encourage him to do chores around the house.

But we also don’t want him to grow up too fast. And it’s ok if he just wants to goof off.

It was a t-shirt kind of day and there was a warm gentle breeze. The signs of new life and rebirth were everywhere and it felt reinvigorating.

18 thoughts on “The Renewal of Spring

  1. Love everything about this post. I remember days of egg hunting on Easter and my son running on lawns of wildflowers in Spring. They were magical. It’s like being blessed to enter a hidden world that only kids and kids at heart can enter. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure. 🙏

  2. Yay Peeps! 🙂 Looks like a wonderful day! I love that you encourage responsibility for T, but also let him goof off as a kid. That innocent, carefree time is very unique in life ❤️ Happy (belated) Easter!

    1. Thank you. It was a nice Easter. 😊 And yes, we try to balance fun and work as much as we can. Hope you had a nice one!

  3. Looks like you had a great long Easter weekend. Glad to know that your Ma received her first shot of vaccine. I am sure you will be relieved. Loved the picture of T in the bag!

    1. Thank you very much, Kritika. It’s a big relief indeed in this ongoing pandemic to know loved ones are getting vaccinated. Please take care!

  4. My son also made me hide the eggs again – he complained when they weren’t in the same spot. 😂 Glad to hear you had a fun Easter with the family Ab. 🙏

  5. That’s great news to hear that your Ma received her first shot of the vaccine. I’m sure it gives some peace of mind and hope for better days to come. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter long weekend. That’s too funny that T made you hide the eggs again in their original hiding spots. Good game of memory for the both of you! You picked a great weekend to deal with yard work as the weather was just wonderful.

    1. Thank you, L. It’s a relief that she’s been vaccinated for sure!
      The long weekend was great. Sad it’s over. 🤣 We didn’t go do a hike just go avoid the potential crowds. Did you see the Yorkdale Mall video? Crazy. I suspect we’ll be going into a shutdown soon too.
      Hope you enjoyed your long weekend at the cabin!

      1. Yes!! It’s insane how many people were shopping at Yorkdale. Rumour has it that Ford may be issuing another stay-at-home order. I also heard that Toronto schools are closing and kids are resuming remote learning. It never seems to end. Glad we managed to escape to the cabin for a few days and enjoy the nice weather.

      2. Yup, back to homeschool hell tomorrow and daycares are closed next week. I’m so annoyed. But on the bright side, I am relieved to hear about the stay-at-home. If we’re gonna do this, let’s do this wholeheartedly rather than half ass and really get the numbers down.

        Glad to hear you got the cabin getaway done!!! Hope you can squeeze in another nice outing before things shut down further

      3. Oh goodie. I’m in complete agreement, I’d rather have strict rules and be done with this rather than flip flop between being in shutdown or lockdown. I’m so glad we have the cabin to escape to. We’ll likely visit again later this month. The weather is only getting warmer so we might be able to get some canoeing in!

      4. Your cabin sounds heavenly! I say just ditch civilization and move there until the pandemic is over. 😂 Canoeing sounds amazing too!

    1. Thanks Diane! It was a fun day indeed. The four day long weekend just flew by. Gonna enjoy our final day off with a whole lot of nothing. Chores are all done and it’s just fun and play today!

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