Taking Time Off To Recharge

Every year, I take the short work week after Thanksgiving off as “me time.” This year, I was practically crawling towards it.

As with everyone who is trying to just get through these challenging pandemic times, my 2020 batteries have been burnt to a crisp.

One doesn’t realize how exhausted they are until they have personal quiet time to do nothing.

I had time off with family in the summer and we enjoyed a wonderful roadtrip. But I also had to check into work throughout that vacation.

My goal for this week was no work and just a focus on me, myself and I.

Yesterday, I went for a scenic morning walk at the Scarborough Bluffs, this wonderful nature oasis within the City that is 20 minutes from home.

I parked at the furthest lot and enjoyed a long walk to the beach, passing by the marina.

The Bluffs are always packed on weekends and parking is a nightmare. But on a weekday, it was deserted and parking was free!

Nothing like solar energy, the calming sound of waves and fresh air to rejuvenate oneself.

It was nice to walk the entire stretch of the almost-empty beach, my first time doing so in 31 years of living here.

I reached the pebbled beach on the other end and thought to myself how much T would enjoy picking up the rocks and throwing them into the water.

And then I felt thankful that he was in school so I could enjoy this moment to myself!

The autumn weather was perfect.

I love that I squeezed another t-shirt and shorts day in. I wish this weather could last a bit longer… like until next Spring!

I did a headcount and there were less than 20 people on this vast beach. Mostly older adults and retirees out on a walk. A few adorable dogs. And a woman and her adorable toddler grandson.

After over an hour on the beach, I walked back to the car and headed home. I still had an entire afternoon to myself to just relax.

Parenting, special needs child or not, is exhausting.

This year presented additional challenges, like homeschooling while working, and really tested the hubby and I physically, mentally and emotionally.

That‘s why self care is so important, because I am no use to T if I’m burnt out.

I’m thankful I have the opportunities to take the time off to recharge.

Realistically, I know that we are only about halfway past this pandemic marathon and so it was good to get this break to recharge so that I am ready for the next stretch ahead of us.

And for me, nature is always the magic ingredient to refreshing myself.

I hope everyone is also taking good care and hanging in there!

19 thoughts on “Taking Time Off To Recharge

  1. Your photos of the colourful trees and beaches really bring to life the idyllic nature of the location. Choosing to spend time doing nothing, without deadlines – and without feeling guilty about doing it! – really does help us recharge and rebalance. Thank you for sharing, and I hope the next stretch provides some time and space for rest too. 😊

    1. Thanks Hamish! We’re pretty lucky here with our outdoor spaces. They’ve been a lifeline during the past year and will be another one for the next stretch ahead! Take care to you as well! 😊

  2. Such great advice that I really need to do. I would love nothing better than to have a day just for me to recharge by myself. As much as we love our kids and grandkids, we do need a break every now and then. Thank you for reminding me of that!

    1. Thank you, Diane! Especially during these challenging times, self care is even more important. Cooking and eating are great self care techniques! 😊

  3. Beautiful place and adventure my friend. I agree with what you said in taking time off to focus on me , myself and I. That is something many of us are missing & our workplace & society tries to hide or deprive many people of that. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught me is that I need to try loving and taking care of myself because no one will do that for me, or at least in a way I want it to happen. Have a great weekend & regards to your family.

    1. Thank you! Now more than ever self care is so important. Hope you are hanging in there. I definitely know I’m in a privileged spot and am relatively blessed compared to what others are experiencing with this pandemic. Take care!

  4. Now that I’m working from home, I’m finding that work-life separation harder. There is more of an expectation to check your work phone and emails during the evening and to just be available. It’s tough to find the right balance. Glad you were able to take a break from work and focus on yourself. I find there’s nothing like a break from work to help put things back into perspective. (P.S. I’ve lived in Toronto for well over a decade and have yet to visit the Scarborough Bluffs! I probably should at some point, looks beautiful).

    1. Agreed. Work life balance is surprisingly harder when working from home. I basically had to pack my work laptop away this week or I would constantly be checking it.

      I am shocked that you have not visited the Bluffs! It’s definitely worth a visit while the fall colours are still out. I would avoid weekends cuz parking is a nightmare. I know you explore a site very thoroughly so I suggest budgeting time both for the beach level and you can also hike at the top to enjoy the view down below.

      Guildwood Park is also a short drive away and it is a tiny but surprisingly charming park with some interesting sculptures.

      1. I attended a wedding in Guildwood Park last fall, it was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the tip regarding visiting the Bluffs. I should definitely check this out sometime. I still have some vacation left so trying to figure out how to use it (don’t think we’re going to go to Quebec anymore!)

      2. I did a long walk long Port Union waterfront yesterday which branches off into Highland Creek Trail (which I didn’t do). You should google it. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was. Could be a fun half day activity right in the city.

    1. Thanks Robyn. That was yesterday. Today I am going absolutely stir crazy. 🤣 But that’s another post. Hope you are having a good week!

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