Nature and the Passage of Time

Trees tell the story of time. Standing on the rocky Georgian Bay shore scanning the tree line, I see hints of red, yellow and orange.

The autumn chill is in the air.

Labour Day is the last blast of summer vacation before school starts. This year, school is starting a week late to give schools an extra week to get organized amidst the chaos of the pandemic.

Our family usually goes camping over Labour Day weekend. This year, we chose a day trip back to Killbear Provincial Park.

We were at Killbear earlier this summer and T loves it here – we all do – so we went back.

It was cloudy, windy and cool when we first arrived. But the clouds soon parted and the sun came out, revealing a beautiful late summer afternoon.

Since our first visit with T in 2016 at age 1, we started a tradition of taking a photo of him by the windswept Killbear Tree.

It’s a wonderful way to tell the story of the passage of time.

Of when he was just starting to take his first steps and getting confident with walking in July 2016.

To a return visit in July 2017 when he’s a full on road runner, charging up and down the rocky shores with confidence.

To our most recent visit this weekend – September 2020 – where you could see his growth spurt.

I look forward to many more visits to Killbear over the years to come.

I hope to print, frame and hang these photos one day.

Soon, the tree canopies in Ontario will be draped in the fiery and warm colours of Fall before they are covered in Winter’s snow and ice; naked in the cool early days of Spring before they bloom in the reemergence of Summer again.

Time flies so quickly and I’m thankful for the wonderful memories we made over this unusual and challenging summer.

11 thoughts on “Nature and the Passage of Time

  1. What a neat tradition! You can definitely tell how much he has grown. Wow! Looks beautiful there too. I can’t wait for cooler temps to hit our region. Soon, I hope. Good luck with your back to school! Hope you have a smooth transition and all goes well!

    1. Thanks Robyn! How warm is it still over where you are? We definitely are feeling the cool autumn air this weekend but we usually get another burst of summer in late September to early October (they call it “Indian Summer”). We’re excited and nervous about school. But alas we have an extra week off to give schools time to get themselves organized. It’s been a little chaotic over here with government disorganization. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition indeed. Best wishes to you and week two this week!

      1. I really shouldn’t complain – we are in the 80’s with 60% humidity. It is not awful, but I really love sweathshirt/campfire weather – it’s my favorite! Thank you! I have the schedules for each child all written out for them, my attempted workout routines scheduled for me – I think I know now what to expect more, which totally helps. Thank you! Fingers crossed!

      2. I have to agree with you that the cooler autumn weather is great. 😊

        Sounds like you have a good plan for week two. And hooray for it being only 4 days long. Good luck. It’ll be the weekend again soon!!!

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