Adventure in the Philippines

During these cold and dark pandemic days, I long for and fantasize about travel.

Since travel is not an option, it’s been fun to look back at travels of the past.

Over 10 years ago, long before T entered our lives, the hubby and I went on an amazing three-week vacation to the Philippines.

I relived this adventure with a guest post on the excellent travel blog, Strong Traveller, titled Top 5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

I shared some photos included in that post below: Beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, delicious seafood, island hopping, ziplining and more.

We’ve always dreamed about exploring the world with T and we look forward to taking him to visit Asia one day. It gives us hope to think about traveling again one day post pandemic!

PS. If you’re looking for another excellent travel blog, I really enjoy Wandering Canadians, which has provided a wonderful way to explore the beauty of our local provincial parks in Ontario.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol
The White Beach in Boracay
The deck we sat at for breakfast overlooking the water at the small cottage resort in Bohol
I still dream about the curry crab and shrimp dinner.
Ziplining Superman style in CDO
Blue starfish found while snorkelling
Seafood cooked fresh at the market after you buy it

21 thoughts on “Adventure in the Philippines

    1. It’s always worth another visit! 🙂 But maybe wait until coronavirus is gone. I hear it’s pretty bad over there right now.

  1. You made me miss my hometown. I used to work in Boracay for a year before migrating to the U.S. it was one of my happiest years. Not much money but happiness was so easy then. A simply life truly is a happier one. Thanks for the nostalgia and adventure.

    1. Where in PH was your hometown? I grew up in Binondo. And Boracay truly is a magical place. I imagine San Fran has a thriving Filipino community. Just like in Toronto. And yes, I’m all about simplicity!

      Can’t wait to go back to visit one day. When was the last time you were back?

      1. I’m from Capiz, Roxas City. The “Aswang” legend capital. I grew up around simple life yet it was the happiest, just trying to recreate them here in America.

  2. Thank you for posting and blogging about the beauty of Philippines resorts. Next time, after this covid crisis, maybe you could explore Romblon island, the marble capital of the Philippines. By that, time perhaps our place is already open to public. For now though, it’s privat. It’s just our home by the beach. You’re invited to be a virtual visitor though. 🙂

  3. The pandemic has shown remote work to be an option and I suspect workcations will be a big thing moving forward. Maybe look into that! The Philippines is great!

    I’m starting to read your older posts and noticed you did Japan recently. That’s on my wish list.

    And yes, I’m glad to have discovered your blog. Lots of great ideas. And Ontario is such a beautiful place to discover.

    I definitely will be getting the vaccine when it’s my turn and look forward to overseas travel again in 2022.

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines. I feel like I could spend a whole year in South East Asia and still want to stay for longer. Here’s to hoping travel opens up again soon. The first vaccines were administered in Canada a couple of days ago, so that’s very promising. And many thanks for the shout out. You are too kind. And to think that if it weren’t for the pandemic, I wouldn’t have spent this year exploring many of the provincial parks in Ontario!

    1. Thank you! It was awesome. And you’ll be interested to know there’s a very thriving Korean community there. 🙂 And yes, I miss having three-week vacations. A totally different life back then!

  5. How beautiful! And for three weeks?! That sounds like the right amount of time to really enjoy a place. I can see why you want to bring T. I now want to travel there too! So stunning!

    1. Thanks Robyn! It’ll have to wait till he’s older. I can’t imagine going on a 15 hour flight with him now without wanting to jump out of the plane sans parachute. 🤣

      It’s a beautiful country and I am biased because I also come from there. If you ever decide to go one day, you can always pick my brain! 😄

      And yes, I long for the days when I can do three week vacations again. Children really change things, don’t they? 😂

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