Writing Birthday Messages to the Future

Sometimes, you’re blessed with a day overflowing with love that you bottle it up for the future.

We had one of those days this week when our dearest T celebrated his 7th birthday.

T excitedly counted down the days till his birthday since it entered single digits.

If you want to teach a kid about subtraction, pose the questions as the number of days till their birthday or Christmas. It’s very effective!

T got up excitedly. When he saw the balloons, his face lit up with a smile and he ran to the hubby and I for a group hug.

We did a Mario and Luigi theme for the second year. Balloons were red and green and bunched in threes, like in a Mario Kart battle mode.

During drop off, the hubby said teachers, parents and classmates all wished T a happy birthday.

Mid morning, T’s Child and Youth Worker sent us a photo of a Paw Patrol birthday card that a classmate had given to T.

My heart melted when I read the message: “Happy birthday T, you are my best friend.”

While T was at school, I thought back to the first birthday we celebrated with him at age 2.

The hubby and I started a birthday tradition of writing a letter to T’s 16-year-old self that summarized the past year’s highlights – both the highs and lows.

After he turned 4, I started this blog.

I plan to give the letters and share this blog and his adoption book when he turns 16. We hope they will help him feel a complete sense of self and how far he will surely have journeyed in life.

Birthdays provide a great time for reflection.

If you’re lucky, you can tune out the noise, forget the minutia and focus on the big picture.

When I picked T up from his after school program, he carried a chocolate bunny the staff gifted him.

He asked if he could have some and I said he could have a small bite before dinner.

He and I have different ideas of what “small bite” means.

T asked for Pizza Hut for dinner.

T had to finish his reading and spelling practice before he could have his Dairy Queen ice cream cake and open his gifts.

I’m an asshole, I know, but it was the only way to motivate him to do his homework!

T received thoughtful gifts from his grandparents, CYW and our friends.

The hubby and I gave T a fort-making set, because it would help build his creativity skills while leveraging his love for fort making.

And what are the chances his grandparents and us got him the same birthday card!

When I look back at this period of T’s life one day, I will remember the challenges for sure, but moments that will stand out with crystal emotional clarity will be days like this birthday.

Days filled with love, joy, balloons and cake.

21 thoughts on “Writing Birthday Messages to the Future

  1. Happy birthday to T! You and your husband did a great job putting up those decorations. And no, you’re not an as*hole. I believe it’s important to teach children that to get what they want they need to make an effort. Sometimes this may sound cruel, but it will help them later in life. One thing for sure, when T has grown up, he will remember days like this which act as a reminder for him just how much his dads love him.

    1. Thank you very much! Sometimes the decorations are as much for the parents as they are for the kids, especially during these trying pandemic days. 😊

      And thank you for the affirming comment. Yes, kids sometimes need that push as much as they’d rather not! 🙏

  2. Happy birthday to T! Great job with the birthday decorations and I love that you went for a Mario and Luigi theme. That’s such a lovely idea to write a letter for future T when he turns 16 to summarize all the highlights (and lowlights) of the year. You’ll have to give us an update on when T tries out the crazy forts. That looks like it would be a lot of fun! Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! It was a fun birthday and there’s still lots of cake left. 😊

      We worked on the fort last night. It was fun but definitely one of those false advertising scenarios. The sticks were definitely not as long as the box packaging made it look so while we got a nice fort made, not to the scale the box made it seem to be. 😆 But we both enjoyed it so I may buy another box just to expand on the one we got. 😂

      I think this is your Pinery weekend, right? Enjoy if so!

      1. Glad to hear T is getting a lot of use out of his birthday present, even if the packaging was misleading. That’s great that you’re able to just buy another kit to expand the one you have. That’s probably part of their strategy!

        We went to Pinery last weekend and Arrowhead this weekend. I’m feeling a bit sore from all the winter hiking and cross-country skiing so I’m thinking next weekend might be a good excuse to stay indoors and just get some rest and relaxation.

      2. I can imagine the snow is still deeper out in the woods. But glad to hear you had a good one despite the soreness. 🙏

        We’re thinking of checking out Halton Falls near Toronto one of these weekends soon while the snow is still out. A colleague went there the last weekend and it looks lovely!

      3. I’ve never been to before but it looks like there are some great hiking options there. I think you have to reserve a spot in advance though, so it’s probably easier to go in the winter than the summer! Plus frozen waterfalls can be so much prettier than regular waterfalls sometimes. You’ll have to let us know how it is if you end up going.

  3. Super Happy BDay Celebration. Happy Birthday to T. Wishing him lots of joy, adventures and blessings. Love the Fort Kit , that is one very exciting, creative gift indeed. Perfect Family bonding moment too. I remover the magical years of my son being 7. Childhood is rare gift and window to a beautiful world of play, Magic and happiness. Have a great weekend Ab and regards to your Family. I bet weekend will be busy and super fun for you, T and your Hubby.

    1. Thank you! 😊 We’re looking forward to opening up for the fort kit this weekend. I think 7 will be a good and lucky year and we look forward to all the fun that lies ahead. You are right – childhood is rare and flies by so so fast. 🙏 Enjoy your weekend as well. Hope your February vacation is around the corner!

  4. Happy Birthday T!
    Ab you guys are great & very creative with the decor & Birthday themes for him. I celebrated my children’s birthdays of course, but usually by renting a space & leaving decor to professionals, lol.
    The adoption book is a fabulous idea. I began a journal specifically for my second daughter who I placed for adoption in hopes that it would provide comfort & answers or her one day. I was afraid to give it to her when I saw her last so I still write in it as I think of her every single day.
    Blessings to you & your family my friend!

    1. Thank you, Tammy! We try to have fun with it and I’m glad you feel it shows through creativity. It’s all worth it to bring a smile to our little guy’s face. 😊

      Your journal is a great idea and I know that it will be received with appreciation when you are ready to share it with your daughter. 🙏

  5. I love the different ideas of a small bite!

    What a wonderful day of so much love and celebration. The letters are such a wonderful idea to memorialize all the stages, growth, learning and love throughout the years. Such a cool idea! What a lucky kid he is!! Happy birthday, T!

    1. Thanks Wynne. It was a wonderful day and took us all a while to settle down from the sugar last night. 😆 Too bad it’s only Friday and not the actual weekend today! 😂 Enjoy your almost weekend!

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