Through virtual schooling, T learned about setting goals for the New Year.

The related assignment is the last thing we had to catch up on and complete this weekend before we return to in-person learning this coming week.

I often write about how we struggle with T to sit still and concentrate long enough to finish the work in the assigned time.

There is always a distraction, avoidance, excuse or disruptive behaviour that makes what should be a straightforward task very drawn out.

So we play a lot of catch up.

The hubby and I often worry what will happen when T gets into older grades and doesn’t have a dedicated support – or how T will fall behind or through the cracks as he gets older.

There may come a time when we simply can’t keep up with catch up.

In this life with T, you can only take things a day at a time.

What we had to complete this weekend was get T to identify three goals for 2022 and write a short sentence about how he will achieve each goal.

Getting him to type out the answer onto Google slides added a layer of technical complexity.

So I got him to brainstorm his answers out loud and I wrote them on a small dry erase board (great find at the dollar store) and then got T to type out his sentences onto the slide.

After an hour of distracted behaviour, T had only typed three and a half words.

I grew very frustrated and in turn, T became emotional.

He wanted me to type the answers and I explained that he has to learn to do his own work.

Thankfully, the hubby stepped in and helped T finish the task… eventually.

T came up with three great goals and pragmatic ways he will achieve these goals:

1. Learn to play soccer – “Practice in the backyard with Daddy and Papa.”

2. Learn to swim – “I will take swimming lessons.”

3. Improve my reading – “I will practice at home.”

Goal Three is the most urgent goal for me but Goal Two is the one I’m looking most forward to in terms of level of enjoyment.

As for me, one of my goals for 2022 is to be more patient with T when I sit with him to help him do school work.

I will achieve this goal by not strangling him as my first response to his disruptive behaviour.

It’s all about keeping it real and achievable!

20 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Goals and how to achieve them are very important. T is very fortunate to have the most supportive, kind, loving parents. I have taken goals for granted lately. I joined a weight loss challenge with bet and first week is failure. I wasn’t determined, nor have concrete ways how to stay healthy and loss weight. Stress won every time I Stress eat and be lazy with exercise. Thanks for today’s motivation. I needed it. Stay safe my Friend and regards.

    1. The weight loss challenges are always the hard. Especially if you have larger stresses in your life such as the pandemic… and in your case, the specific job that you do. Be kind with yourself and take it easy. I’ve stressed eaten during the return to virtual schooling as well. We all need to do what we can to get through the challenging times! 🙏

  2. I LOVE your GOAL! and Humor! Yay for you and hubby on knowing when to play tag-team – it’s so important. OH, I remember those days. My son has ADHD and needed a lot of school support (BTW, he went on to get his Masters and is married with a kid! services worked!) keep plugging along! His biggest problem was organization or should I say Lack of organization! I remember so many frustrating nights with all his papers strewn all over the floor, trying to make sense of everything. SIGH….. Keep up the strength and humor!

    1. Thank you, Vickie. The picture you described with your son and the lack of organization definitely is similar to what we go through with T. It is very draining and frustrating. But we see his potential and are focused on that. We know that his disability brings many gifts with it too, and your son and his achievements is a great reminder of that. 😊 Happy Monday!

  3. These are great goals for T. It does sound like a sometimes frustrating labor of love. I always appreciate your love for T and the humor you use in writing about your journey with him. ❤

    1. Thank you, LaDonna. “Frustrating labor of love” is the perfect way to describe schooling life with T. We want to tear our hair out but the painfully earned results are so worth it.

  4. That’s great that T is learning about setting goals and figuring out steps to achieve them. These all sound like wonderful things to learn and work on. Learning how to swim is such a great skill and fun way to stay active. P.S. I must say, your writing is so neat!!

    1. Thanks Linda. 😊 It’s definitely a work in progress. Had another school work-fueled moment today so I’m just calling it a day and enjoying the sunshine instead.

      I’m getting the sense you’re staying indoors from the cold today. 😆😆

      Thanks for the nice words about my writing. Never really noticed. Haha. Will be interesting to see how the new digital-first generation kids are with their writing. It’ll be a lost art I bet. Hundreds of years from now, archaeologists will be studying our handwriting as some ancient thing. 😆

      1. I shoveled snow this morning for about an hour, which is probably the most amount of time I’ve spent outside in like a week. I can’t get over how much snow there is. I’ll have to go back out again to do another round.

        I heard schools have gotten rid of teaching cursive writing a few years ago, which is such a shame. But yes, it’ll be interesting to see how nicely (and well) kids write with pen and pencil these days.

      2. You’ll get your exercise for sure today! We’re gonna wait till the afternoon to tackle the shoveling.

        The kids got a snow day today! The timing is impeccable.

      3. Good luck. There is sooooo much snow. I had to go back out two more times to finish up the job. Apparently we’re supposed to get more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  5. Ha, ha, ha. Congratulations for meeting your first milestone. 🙂 And it’s great to have picked a goal that you will get plenty of opportunities to practice.

    But in all seriousness, big kudos to T and to you for finishing that exercise. It takes so much focus to get our little ones to focus.

    The other day while carpooling I heard my 2nd grade neighbor say about Kindergartners “They aren’t as good at keeping focus.” I almost snorted out my tea.

    Hope you have a real and fun day! <3

    1. That 2nd grade neighbour is onto something! I would’ve snorted out my tea too. 😆

      It’s a beautiful sunny day over but very cold. Enjoy your day too!

  6. I won’t pretend that I can fully comprehend the challenges you face, but what I do see (and why I look forward to your posts) is the progress you & T continue to make. Even when they are seemingly slow steps, they’re in a forward direction. You sharing helps me to stay mindful of not taking anything for granted & your family will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers.

    1. Thank you, Tammy! We try to keep it real, both the good and the challenging. But the progress makes every step and drop of sweet all the more worth it. And as you noted on your recent blog, there’s always reason to focus on the positives rather than the challenges in hindsight. Thanks for always taking the time to share your thoughts! 🙏

      1. This may sound creepy to some but I’m just passionate. There are a few I’ve found on this blog I communicate with outside of the platform & have become like family to me because of the sincerity, vibes I get in holding on to what little good is left in the world. Although you & I haven’t spoken, you & T have become my family.

      2. Not creepy at all. 😊 And I find your comment and we’ll wishes very touching. 🙏

        I’m the same too, in that I don’t follow or comment on a lot of blogs but I find your journey – past and present – to be compelling and one that I learn from and take inspiration from. 😊

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 👍

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