First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

T lost his first tooth last night! You’d think by the loud screaming from his room, something terrible had happened, but it was just his excitement.

Naturally, he became very excited about his first visit from the Tooth Fairy and said he wanted to stay up so he could say hi to her – and to which I quickly replied, “Oh no, you’re not!”

He flashed his toothless smile with pride. It was adorable and you could already see his first adult tooth half emerged from his gums.

A colleague once told me to enjoy the childhood years, because they fly by – and they really do!

So indulging in a make believe fantasy such as the Tooth Fairy – although she’s very real in T’s mind – is just part of the joy and wonder of childhood.

The hubby put T’s baby tooth in an envelope and asked T to put it under his pillow. I could hear the excited conversation from my room while the hubby sat with T till he fell asleep.

After he fell asleep, the hubby asked me for cash. I asked him how much a tooth is going for these days and he said, “$2 to $5.”

I balked and gave him $2. I get that we need to account for inflation and cost of living increases but this was the first tooth of many more to come! I ain’t going into poverty over the Tooth Fairy.

The hubby, in his wonderfully creative and thoughtful way, printed a certificate he found online (pictured at the top) that he presented as from the Tooth Fairy.

This morning, T excitedly went into the hubby’s room to show him what he got. Then he came into the guest room, where I’ve been staying as I’ve been visiting Ma in the hospital.

Seeing the wonder and awe in his face was worth the innocent charade we’re indulging him in.

T asked for the certificate to be placed on the fridge and said he will put his $2 into his piggy bank.

A visual tool provided by T’s behaviour therapist that we use to help him learn how to brush his teeth.

11 thoughts on “First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

  1. I love this post! It brings back memories of when my kids were little & how Ray & I tiptoed into our sleeping kids’ rooms to slip $ under the pillow from the Tooth Fairy!

  2. How exciting! What a cool certificate too. T must have been so excited! I have to say I am the WORST tooth fairy there is. Through the years I would get distracted and forget. If you ever get as bad as I was, the trick that always saved me from the sad “The tooth fairy didn’t come” look, is to offer to go check for yourself and put a couple of dollars on the floor and say “Oh look! You must have just accidentally knocked the money off in the middle of the night! And the tooth? I guess the tooth fairy wanted you or me to keep it as something special!” Not my finest moments, but it worked on the teeth I forget to get to. 🙂

    1. I think I recall you sharing a tooth Fairy story once! And if I recall incorrectly, sorry. Yes, I will remember that clever trick of yours if the hubby and I ever forget one day. 🤣

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